ITS networking and its importance
Robert Rijavec, ITS Slovenia, Ljubljana, SLO

Fifteen years ago, in order to connect to the pan-European transport system, we established the Slovenian ITS association (ITS Slovenia), which is actively participating in the plan for the introduction of intelligent transport systems and services (ITS) in Slovenia and the EU. Today, 16 legal entities and several dozen of individual members are involved in ITS Slovenia. The Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia supports it as a technical society. At the same time, ITS Slovenia is an active member of ITS Nationals, a network of similar organisations across Europe. The Slovenian resource ministry in the area of intelligent transport systems and services is the Ministry of Infrastructure, which politically connects other ministries, municipalities, and private entities. The article will present the meaning and purpose of the association in the so-called ITS community in Slovenia and the EU. Achievements will be presented, but with a view to the near future.