Coen Timmerman, Mobility as a Service, Dutch Ministry of Transport and Watermanagement, The Hague, NL

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands and seven regions have jointly started seven national MaaS pilots. Each pilot has a different focus on a policy objective and target group, for example commuting around the Amsterdam Zuidas, Special Transport Services transport in Twente, cross-border transport in Limburg and CO2-neutral commuter traffic in Eindhoven.
The first nationally scalable MaaS app has been launched in September. Due to the COVID-19 limitations on travelling, six others have been postponed. All apps enable multi-modal travel throughout the Netherlands with as many carriers as possible. An important starting point is scale because without scale there is limited effect to measure and no positive business case. Another important starting point for the Dutch MaaS ecosystem is standardization. That is why the TOMP API was developed: for uniform data exchange between carriers and apps. This standard is already mandatory in Australia and Switzerland. An overview and update on the Dutch MaaS Programme will be given.