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Monday, 09/03/2020

ISEP 2020, Ljubljana CANCELLED due to the coronavirus outbreak

This will be the first time in 28 years the event has been cancelled, but it is now clear that cancellation is unavoidable in order to meet ISEP’ obligation to protect the health and safety of the our ITS community, employees and local residents, as well as for the healthcare providers tasked with keeping our communities healthy.


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The Slovenian ITS Association, under the umbrella of the Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia is organising the 28th International Symposium on Electronics in Transport – ISEP which promotes a strategic objective of integrating and strengthening the European Research Area in Slovenia as well as in the other member States, Accession States and in some nearby countries in South Eastern Europe.

The theme of the 2020 Symposium is “Smart and green mobility for citizens and businesses”. This theme brings focus to the importance of recent activities in the area of an innovative mobility system that performs efficiently with the aid if new technologies and to benefit all economic, social and environmental aspects. As of today it is crucial for both the health and the quality of life of our citizens to simultaneously promote sustainability and accessibility in transport especially within urban areas.

On the other hand, it is of great importance to establish a research network in Slovenia and nearby countries in the area of ITS and to tie it to European and regional research. Each of you will come with your own aspirations to the Symposium will share them with new and old colleagues.

Unique to this event is the encouragement of participation by PhD students who are involved in current state-of-the-art transport research and practical issues concerning ITS. The symposium will give PhD students the opportunity to present their PhD work to a knowledgeable audience.  At the same time, it will offer the opportunity for the presentation of achievements of Slovene and foreign researchers.

Further, the symposium gives participants from ministries, universities, research organisations and industry the opportunity to establish personal contacts with the aim of stimulating an efficient transfer of research results to the market, according to the needs and expectations of the users of all modes of transport.

The aim of the symposium is also to encourage dialogue and cooperation among the participants who are involved in solving transport problems and looking for common ITS solutions.

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However, in order that many have put into preparing for their papers and presentations that accompany ISEP, we decide to publish papers in a Proceeding next year. Of course, authors have the right to choose to publish the article elsewhere.


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